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New to Resveratrol?
Bioforte is the perfect formulation. Take it for 2 months before graduating to Transmax.


Already taking Resveratrol?
Transmax provides 500mg of 98% proof Resveratrol in each serving. Great value.

The Gold Standard in Resveratrol and Advanced Longevity Formulations

Transmax Time Release Transmax Resveratrol Bioforte Trans-Resveratrol BioQuench Super Antioxidant BioShape Weight Loss
Bio Flu BioSpan Trans-Resveratrol Bio Forge All Natural Bodybuilding Lungavita PteroMax
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Weight Loss & Control

Specially formulated for those who need to lose a considerable amount of weight). Bio Shape includes our high-quality Resveratrol plus fat burning compounds, appetite suppressors, green tea extract to increase energy and help fight free radicals, ... only from Biotivia.


Now you can help fight free radicals with Bio Quench and Acai Bio Vital. Bio Quench is a unique combination of super fruit extracts and Bio-enhanced resveratrol.

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Bio Enhanced Resveratrol

Not all resveratrol is created equal. The world's original and best selling resveratrol supplements. Both Bioforte (250mg) and double-strength Transmax (500mg) passed the ConsumerLab resveratrol evaluations. Highest Bio availability, first choice of physicians and research scientists.

Fitness & Body Building

Bio Forge is the new safe and legal way to convert fat to lean mass, and improve training recovery time. One of the fastest growing new body building supplements ... and one of the best values. Combine Bio Forge with Transmax or Bioforte for even better results.

Scientific Research

Biotivia scientists and pharmacists collaborate with researchers from the world's most prestigious institutions. Our quality commitment means Biotivia Resveratrol products are used by more researchers, doctors and scientists in human trials than all other brands combined. You can trust Biotivia.

PteroMax PteroMax New

PteroMax is the original high potency Pterostilbene supplement. No copy comes close to PteroMax's potency, value and efficacy and purity.

Now, we offer our customers PteroActiv, with over 5 times the pterostilbene of any other supplement. Read more.