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Bodybuilding and Weight Training Routines



RoutinesAs a result, bodybuilders require increased food intake, particularly lean meats and other low fat, protein-rich items. In order to help your physical endurance, Biotivia has developed a supplement specifically designed for those taking part in body building routines.

How can Bio Forge help

Bio Forge has been specially designed to help improve your performance. By increasing endurance, reducing recovery times and increasing the production of testosterone, Bio Forge allows you to reach your physical best in ways that diet alone cannot do. As you continue with your usual body building routines, Bio Forge’s formula encourages the production of lean muscle mass whilst reducing fat stores. This supplement also helps increase libido.

When and how should I take Bio Forge?

Bio Forge has been primarily designed to work in tandem with body building routines. However it can also be used by anyone looking to reduce their body fat mass. It is best taken three times daily on a empty stomach 30 minutes prior to eating and works especially well when used in conjunction with Biotivia's Transmax capsules.

If you would like to learn more about the ways in which Bio Forge can help you with your exercise plan, or would like to find out more about any of the other Biotivia products, you can take our online video tour or browse our extensive and informative website. Alternatively, contact our friendly, helpful customer service team who will be happy to deal with your queries.

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