Studies Confirm Omega 3 Brain Health Link.

It’s a vital ingredient for brain and mood function.


  • Omega 3 supports cognition, memory and learning.
  • Can reduce the effects of age-related conditions.
  • Can improve mood and support brain health.

We’re all conscious of the need to have a good diet and fit body. But many of us take the health of our brain for granted. Yet anybody who has witnessed the terrible affects of aging will know that healthy brain function is fundamental to a good quality of life. Many people have read the reports about Omega 3 and brain health, and rely on this supplement to help protect their cognition and independence.

The medical profession recognizes the value of Omega 3 in brain function.

In the respected journal ‘Science Daily’, UCLA Professor of Neurosurgery Gómez-Pinilla is quoted as saying: "Omega 3 fatty acids support synaptic plasticity and seem to positively affect the expression of several molecules related to learning and memory that are found on synapses."

Gómez-Pinilla contiunes: "Omega 3 fatty acids are essential for normal brain function. Dietary deficiency of Omega 3 fatty acids in humans has been associated with increased risk of several mental disorders.

For people who want to protect their mental faculties, GO-3 is a powerful supplement with two great advantages over fish- or flax-based supplements.

First, GO-3 is rich in DHA, which means it is up to 90 times more potent than ALA-based supplements, without the heavy metals and other toxins from fish.

Secondly, GO-3 also contains resveratrol, a remarkable molecule which studies have shown also has an effect on cognition and blood flow to the brain. Biotivia is the world leader in resveratrol development and its Transmax supplement is being used in more human clinical trials than all other brands combined.

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